Monday, 28 March 2011

details - melting tags

These clothes tags were created to reduce the volume of waste - tags made if soap instead of paper, so when you send you new item of clothing throught he wash, your tag will be dissolved with it. Clever clever. Well, quite clever anyway! Different websites suggest however that this idea is only halfbaked as mention of its carbon footprint or whether the soap is made of environmentally friendly materials is lacking. Ah yes, it's never that that simple is it. However, my opinion lies somewere between that of the blind enthusiasts and the supercritical: I think it is important to consider all the details around clothing manufacture to be addressed  in innovative ways, but don't forget to question. Hopefully people's knowledge and curiosity will help distiguish between ideas with true potential and ones created for a gimmic to jump onto the green bandwagon.

... Speaking of innovations. How amazing is this biomimetic concept taken from snakes shedding their skins to fabrics shedding layers to reduce their laundering impact. Check out the vid on her website or the London College of Fashion website I found this on.