Sunday, 7 November 2010


In preparation for my MA application I am reading like crazy. Being in Indonesia doesn't make it an easy feat, as there is no decent library around where I can get the books I need. I have 3 books here that I have completely absorbed and frequently use for reference : Y. Chouinards "Let My People Go Surfing", K. Fletchers "Sustainable Fashion" and D. Goleman's "Ecological Intelligence".

I do praise my internet connection, and when that is down due to tropical storms, Wifi in cafe's are quite reliable. I intend to add a list of my fave websites soon, upon completing my papers and would now like to share where I am buying my Christmas books from (can't wait for more inspiring literature!!):

They sell second hand books, (similar to Amazon marketplace, however Amazon doesn't like shipping to Indonesia) so this saves them from ending up in landfills, PLUS they donate a percentage to the world literacy fund.  scientia potentia est ... Reading brings knowledge and knowledge is power.

Rachel Carson's "Silent Spring" (1962) and "Crade2Cradle" by McDonough and Braugart will be my next purchases on the website, inspired by this article

Merapi - "the firey one"

Merapi, the most active out the  20 active volcanoes on Java has been erupting for a couple of weeks now with the last violent explosion on Thursday.   Surono, chief of Indonesia's Volcano Mitigation and Geological Disaster Agency, told the Australian newspaper Friday."The eruptions haven't stopped, the tremors are getting stronger, and one big explosion could be the result."
Indonesia is in fact the seismically most active country in the world with 17,500 islands sitting along the Pacific Ring of Fire.
Anglindo's 2nd season collection will be donating a percentage of our profits to the Merapi Relief Fund. We are based on the same island as Merapi, in Bandung which is some 400kms away.
Photographs courtesy of the national geographic.